Today, quality signals are all it takes to be successful in trading.

On one hand, global trading offers a rare opportunity for anyone seeking an extra income to capitalize in a multi trillion-dollar market. On the other hand, not everyone knows how trading truly works or have limited time to analyze the market.

Trading signals offer an efficient and effective solution to these deterrents by guiding investors to make informative trading decisions. Or in other words- our signals will instruct you when to buy and when to sell a financial asset and at which price. This will allow you to achieve better results in less time, without any hard work, and enable steady growth of your account.

Additionally, trading signals is a great way to avoid risks and deepen the understanding of trading when starting out in the markets. 

SignalsToro is a high-quality forex, stocks, indices, Commodities and cryptocurrency EU trading signal service, owning over 40 years of cumulative experience in the financial industry.

Our signals enable traders to enhance their success rate and achieve higher accuracy in trading. We rely on sophisticated trading technology aside in-depth knowledge and experience within the markets. Prior to being sent out, each signal is generated via advanced technical indicators and global financial data, then analyzed and verified exclusively by a dedicated expert analyst. Our recurrent success rate of over 82% speaks for itself.

We believe that a reputable signals provider owes no less than 100% transparency to their clients. Therefore, we willingly present our historic results in our Performance page.  

Yes, we do. Due to our confidence in the quality of our service, we will be happy to offer you a free 14-day trail. No questions asked. No obligations. No credit cards. Simply Click here to begin your free trail. 

Stay up to date with our real time signals either on your mobile device or your PC.

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Visit our Membership Page and choose a package that best suits you. Once you complete your registration, you can start using our signals immediately.

With SignalsToro you will receive 1 to 3 quality daily signals sent directly from the trading desk of the professional financial analyst. 

Average SL is -45 PIPS and the average TP is +75 PIPS.

Here’s an example of a classic trading signal:

The currency pair:        EUR/USD long

Open price:                   Buy Stop 1.2340

Stop loss:                       SL 1.2300

Take profit:                    TP 1.2390

Once you have received the signal, simply open a position on your preferred trading platform. 

We provide trading signals for all major currency pairs, indices, stocks, commodities and leading cryptocurrencies.

Our first and foremost objective is to methodologically define the risks ahead of time so our clients trade with minimum risk and achieve maximum results. Therefore, in times of high volatility markets or Geo-political turmoil we may refrain from sending signals.

SignalsToro will always wait for the best market conditions, so a signal may arrive at any time. On rare days you may not receive a signal. Don’t be alarmed. This means that on this day, we refrained from sending a signal we believed to be unprofitable or risky.

Most robot trading systems make trading recommendations based on simple and exponential averages of historic prices. SignalsToro uses more sophisticated systems, including neural networks and genetic algorithms, and takes into account a greater number of parameters, including global, financial and Geo-political data. 

Absolutely! The broker and platform you choose is up to you. We provide the signals. You execute the trades with your preferred broker. In case you’re not sure which broker to trade with, SignalsToro will be happy to recommend a reputable and trustworthy broker for you. 

This is totally between you and your broker. Most online brokers allow a minimal deposit of $250 to begin trading with a basic account. More abundant accounts are also available with additional benefits and advantages.

Of course. You may cancel any time by giving us at least 24 hours’ notice before the end of the membership period in order to avert additional billings. Upon cancellation, you will continue to receive our signals for the remainder of your current membership period. 

SignalsToro offers world-class customer support via Phone/Email/Facebook. Any questions or inquiries regarding our service will be answered professionally and efficiently.

Feel free to drop us a line anytime via our Contact Us page.
Email: [email protected]

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